Bethany Skipper, LMT

Bethany is masterful with massage techniques. She has an intuitive touch and works with each client to design an experience to meet their individual needs. Enjoy our private massage room complete with hot towels, a heated eye pillow and soothing music. Bethany graduated with honors from Technical College of the Low Country and is a Licensed Massage Therapist practicing various modalities such as Swedish, deep tissue, sports massage and hot stone therapy. She is especially helpful in recovery from an injury or a hard workout. 

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Bethany Skipper Massage Therapist
Bethany Skipper Massage Therapist Savannah

Massage Appointment Options

30 Minute Massage $40

Try a 30 minute session for a post-workout rub down or to work on a specific trouble spot.

60 Minute Massage $75

Our standard appointment length is perfect for a full body treatment or extra long work on specific areas.

90 Minute Massage $100

This longer appointment allows for full body treatments, full relaxation and focus on areas that are bothering you.

2 Hour Massage $130

The ultimate in recovery, deep work, rest and full body attention. You might never want to leave!

What our customers are saying

As an aging runner, I’ve become more prone to injury - particularly struggling with hip pain and regularly see a massage therapist and chiropractor in Ohio, both of whom keep me on the road. Unfortunately after a very long car ride, I wasn’t in a good place as I prepared for my race and reached out to a local running friend for a recommendation on where I might be able to get a massage on short notice. She talked to a friend familiar with Savannah Sport & Wellness which led me to an early morning appointment the next day with Bethany.

Bethany was very friendly, knowledgeable, asked the appropriate questions, and took the time to get to know me as she worked to release the tightness in my piriformis. Learning that I would begin training for a third marathon in the summer, we talked about exercises to strengthen my hips and core. She also suggested I consider scheduling an appointment for an analysis with the owner of the business, Katie Woods Balthrop. Bethany assured me that Katie could put together a program designed to help correct imbalances/weaknesses and improve my overall strength and flexibility.