Savannah Sport & Wellness has highly skilled personal trainers, sport scientists and licensed massage therapists. We offer personal and small group training for all populations, sports injury prevention and recovery, and sports performance analysis and programming. We provide the area's only technologically advanced motion and gait analysis and metabolism analysis for weight loss and performance. Our massage therapy includes therapeutic, deep tissue, sports massage and pre-natal. Call today to find out what we can do for you.

Katie Balthrop, Owner

Masters of Science-Sports Medicine



Sports Medicine Expert

-Personal & Small Group Training

-Performance Coaching & Testing

-Motion Analysis

-Metabolic Analysis

Justin Ellis

BS-Health Science & Human Performance

Masters of Science-Sports Medicine

Sports Medicine Expert



-General Fitness


Bethany Skipper

-Bachelors in Marketing

-Licensed Massage Therapist



-Deep Tissue

-Chronic Pain & Injury


Lauren Grout

-Bachelor's in Exercise Science

-ACE certification, Personal Training

-Yoga Teacher Training Certification 

-Studying for certification in nutrition coaching

-Personal Trainer

-Small Group Trainer

-Injury Prevention and Recovery

-Nutrition Consultation

Michele Bosic Folta

-B.S. in Marketing

-A.A. in Health & Wellness

-ASCM Certified Personal Trainer

-Certified Wellness Practitioner with the National Wellness Institute

-Personal Trainer

-Small Group Trainer

-Corporate Wellness

In our Studio...

The Art and Science of Healthy Living

Understanding how you move and how your body uses energy are the keys to successful exercise. We will determine your individual needs for a successful plan. We will determine your personalized metabolic needs, exercise protocol and training parameters to help you attain meaningful results.

Testing your VO2max or resting metabolic rate used to be only available to high level athletes. Now, with our highly accurate yet portable metabolic cart, you can get scientific data to inform your exercise intensity, which leads to great results.

Movement patterns determine efficiency and pain free work. Our multi-camera motion analysis capabilities will capture your movement from all angles, whether you're running. cycling, jumping or working on agility moves. We will analyze your movement, design an exercise program to keep you strong and healthy, or get you back to your sport after an injury. You'll have a full report plus videos and protocol for you to follow at home.

What our customers are saying

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I started working out with Katie in the spring of 2014 because I wanted to lose weight. Working out with Katie, I gained much more. Katie helped with my nutrition as well as my strength. When I couldn't do an exercise she gave me an alternative exercise until I was able to progress. Katie also worked on my balance and flexibility. What I have accomplished is amazing; I cannot believe how strong I have become. The nutrition is not a diet, but a lifestyle change thanks to Katie. She has made me stronger and more confident and healthier than I could imagine.

Denise lost 26 pounds, lowered her cholesterol from 214 to 188 and recently completed her first triathlon.

“Most of my training has been based on pace. And most of those runs have been based on other runner’s paces, not my own. Training with a heart rate monitor based on my VO2max, it was more personal and catered to what I can do. I noticed it especially on the speed runs. I actually pushed myself harder to try and reach a certain heart rate. And I surprised myself!”

-Alyssa, competitive endurance runner, 3-time Boston Marathon finisher

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Our Analysis Systems

Metabolic Testing

Test your fitness level for optimum training with VO2max.

Motion Analysis

Break down your biomechanics with slow motion, high definition video and cutting edge computer anaylsis.

Test your metabolic rate for optimum nutrition planning

Online calculators for calorie needs might be sabotaging your diet.

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